Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jobs and Power

Democrats are constantly whining, bitching and moaning about how good manufacturing jobs are being exported to other countries.  So what is their solution?

Illinois' mercury emission controls for coal-fired power plants would be among the toughest in the country if state officials approve a plan unveiled Thursday by Gov. Rod Blagojevich.The governor said he offered the proposal, which calls for a 90 percent reduction of mercury emissions by June 30, 2009

Brilliant, make it even more expensive to do business in Illinois; that is sure to have manufacturers lined up to setup shop here.

Utility officials said they wanted to work with the governor to help shape the plan, but they warned it could have dire economic consequences for Illinois' power industry and result in higher power costs for consumers.

Well, not quite.  The government gets decide how much power costs consumers.  What this will mean is that utilities will have greater incentive to cut excess power production.  Meaning power shortages as utilities try to only produce as much electricity as consumers are consuming.

I’ve warned before that Illinois is facing an electricity crisis.  All of the long term contracts that Com-Ed has for power supplies are coming due and, in the infinite wisdom of the state government – they will be prevented from buying power on the free market.  Power generating stations –both coal and nuclear – are growing old and Illinois isn’t jumping up and down to provide permits to build new ones.  This latest fiasco isn’t likely to help.

Just keep all of this in mind when the whiney left bitches about yet another manufacturer that picks up shop to do business outside of Illinois and remember those greedy capitalists would love to do business in Illinois if the politicians would just let them

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