Thursday, January 05, 2006

Who Decides What is Constitutional?

I don't want the Times deciding, in wartime, just what information I "deserve to have", thank you very much - they are not elected,they are not accountable, and frankly, I do not trust their politics. But rather than abandon my fellow citizens to the mercies or depredations of the Bush Administration, let me offer a constructive suggestion - since we have a representative democracy, complete with institutional checks and balances and two parties, how about if the purveyors of classifed info, when troubled by their consciences, take their troubles to a Congressional oversight committee rather than the NY Times?

In the Us Vs. Them partisan politics of DC that just isn’t going to work.  They go to Congress – which is controlled by Republicans, remember? – and tell them that they think Bush is doing something wrong.  Who honestly thinks that those Republicans are going to blow the whistle, especially at the beginning of a campaign season?  

If you want a real solution that bypasses the good judgment of Main Stream Media, allow government employees to bring the cases directly to court.  Judges, at least, are nominally unbiased and are the ultimate arbitrators of whether government action is legal or illegal.  Concerns about secrecy and national security can be handled by doing the review in closed sessions.

The wrong answer is to leave the answer up to partisan politics because the answer will always be – “The guy from my party didn’t do anything wrong, but the gal from that other party is a lying creep!”

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