Thursday, January 26, 2006

FireFox Brings Out the Geek In Me

I’m a relatively new convert to FireFox, but am a full fledged FireFox geek, it just suits my nature since I get geeked by gadgets. Extensible by nature FireFox is chock full of gadgets developed by geeks and corporations around the world.

My latest gadget for FireFox is HyperWords which not only made my browsing more efficient and fun – it replaced four other extensions! What is this wonder-gadget you ask? It is the swiss army knife of FireFox Extensions – select any text on any webpage and you can:

Search News
Search The Web
Search Flickr
Search Blogs

Lookup on Wikipedia
Lookup on
and CIA Factbook

AANNND it can
Map – Shop – Email – Tag – Blog

And finally translate from or to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese

In essence it is the ultimate resource tool for people (like me) that like to pretend they know WAY more than they really do. If there is any extention that should be charging a usage fee, this is it, without a doubt because it does SO much. Get it today (and FireFox too) and you won’t be disappointed.

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