Friday, January 27, 2006

Nothing New Here

Canada's networks are wrestling with those very issues in Ottawa. The Canadian Association of Broadcasters has asked the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to regulate video programming on cellphones, ensuring there is still room for domestic content and local advertisers.

Translation – We don’t want to work hard enough to provide content that people want to watch so we expect you – our government – to force people to watch instead.

One thing that struck me a bit funny about the article.

In as little as five years, the global industry could be drastically altered by the rise of alternative ways to watch television, such as downloadable programs and TV streamed over the Internet, say a group of researchers with technology giant International Business Machines Corp.

Would the average reader recognize that name as Big Blue – IBM?  Of course 5 years is a bit optimistic, the change is happening now with technology such as Satellite, Tivo and other DVRs.  If Canadian television is just now starting to worry about losing advertising dollars they are bit behind the times.

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