Friday, January 27, 2006

EU Still Not Happy

In its quest to show the world how little it knows about – well, anything, EU commissioners offer up this gem.

Its offer to open up its software blueprints "underscored its commitment" to meet the European Commission's demands, Horacio Gutierrez associate general counsel for Microsoft Europe said in a statement.
However, Brussels has warned the offer may not go far enough.
"It would be premature to conclude that offering access to source codes would necessarily resolve the problem of compliance," said EU anti-trust spokesman Jonathan Todd.
Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes added that users needed more than just the code - they also need comprehensive instructions that would allow them to develop software compatible with Windows systems.
"Normally speaking, the source code is not the ultimate documentation of anything," she said.
"[This is] precisely the reason why programmers are required to provide comprehensive documentation to go along with their source code."

Is there an absence of Windows compatible software that I am unaware of?  Is there any evidence that “users needed more than just the code” in order to develop software?  I am not even a developer and I can write sufficient code to do simple tasks.

The EU is just looking at Microsoft for a revenue stream, they really want that $2.4 million dollars a day there is no other for this stance toward Microsoft.  You don’t need to absorb millions of lines of source code to write software for Windows, you use APIs.

I was amazed that Microsoft decided to capitulate with the already ridiculous demands I’m curious to see how far they are willing to bend over to appease the EU.  I imagine there is a wall somewhere I would have thought they past it long ago.

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