Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gender Roles

The women surveyed were less willing to marry down--marry someone with much lower earnings or less education--than the men were to marry up. And, in line with Jane Austen, the women were also more determined to marry up than the men were.
You may think that women's attitudes are changing as they get more college degrees and financial independence. A woman who's an executive can afford to marry a struggling musician. But that doesn't necessarily mean she wants to. Studies by David Buss of the University of Texas and others have shown that women with higher incomes, far from relaxing their standards, put more emphasis on their mate's financial resources.
I thought men were the ones with archaic ideas about gender roles.  I don’t have any issue with educated people placing a premium on successful mates, but using government to fix the problem just isn’t going to be successful.  

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