Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chicago Schools Have No Choice

Chicago schools chief Arne Duncan says city public schools face a $328 million deficit that will lead to fewer schools, teacher cuts and class size hikes.
In a speech to business leaders Monday, Duncan said increasing high school class size to more than 30 students per teacher would be a last resort. CPS Budget Director Pedro Martinez told the Chicago Tribune that 600 teaching positions already were set to be eliminated because of declines in enrollment system-wide over the last two years.
“People need to understand that if we don't get more money, kids will be get hurt," said Duncan, chief executive officer of the Chicago Public Schools.

And what happens to private schools that can’t manage to balance the books?  They go out of business of course.  So the students that are suddenly without a school get the option of going to a different school that just happens to be better run.

Can anyone explain to me why the current system is better?

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