Thursday, October 12, 2006

Climate Hate Crimes?

Some are proposing that skepticism about the effects of global warming and climate change should be illegal.

Grist Magazine’s staff writer David Roberts called for the Nuremberg-style trials for the “bastards” who were members of what he termed the global warming “denial industry.”

Roberts wrote in the online publication on September 19, 2006, "When we've finally gotten serious about global warming, when the impacts are really hitting us and we're in a full worldwide scramble to minimize the damage, we should have war crimes trials for these bastards -- some sort of climate Nuremberg.”

When proponents of "environmentalism" want to limit debate and punish those that disagree with them how can you call it anything but religion?

All scientists should be skeptics, that's the only way that science moves forward.

Update: Just to be clear - this guy is not a climate change scientist. In fact he isn't really a scientist at all, which should be clear given that he doesn't understand that all scientists should be skeptics. Unfortunately, scientists aren't running the policy debate on climate, nutballs like the one above are, and they view the environment as something to be worshiped as opposed to a resource that we should all value, but consume as a resource.

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