Monday, October 23, 2006

Liberal Blogs Make Me Giggle

The left is flabergasted that Lieberman is beating Lamont in Connecticut.

But it’s still hard to understand why Lieberman’s strategy is working – given that the things he has recently said would be suicidal for most Republicans. As Arianna Huffington wrote, “Lamont is somehow letting Joe Lieberman get away with being the only candidate in the country who's actually benefiting from running as a Republican.”

The thing is, Republicans are generally losing to moderate and conservative Democrats, not ultra-liberal guys like Lamont. The conspiracy theories are already swirling saying that this is a Rovian plot. They try to spin it, saying that people in Connecticut aren't getting the full story, the local media isn't playing up just how conservative Lieberman really is.

Hogwash, Lieberman has been Senator for quite some time, the residents of the nutmeg state don't know Joe's politics by now then they don't really care anyway.

Its bad news for the liberal left, but Lamont is losing because America just isn't that liberal.

As a side note, I still haven't figured out why liberals are putting their stock in that big, bad top 1%. I thought anyone that was capable of donating $13 million of their own money into their own political campaign would be avoided like the plague.

Or is money only evil when it is used to create jobs?

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