Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cloning Burgers

How can you read this news and see anything but positive?

The FDA is currently set to allow beef and milk from cloned animals onto the market. Further, the products will likely not be branded as such and there is no way to know if we're currently consuming products from cloned animals.

Wow! Eliminating genetic diseases and increasing the yield and quality of product is going to be a huge boon, lowering cost for food yet again.

Yet somehow, there are those that don't like the fact that they might be eating a cloned cow, which I just don't understand. A cloned cow is, by definition, exactly like an uncloned cow!

What point does labeling have? You might as well force farmers to label whether or not they harvested the corn on a Saturday or a Sunday since it has exactly the same impact as cloning does.

When a policy does nothing more than allow people to act on their hatred of technology then its certainly a bad policy.

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