Friday, October 20, 2006

Iran Shoots Self In Foot

I'm going to predict the beginning of the end for the Iranian regime.

Iran's Islamic government has opened a new front in its drive to stifle domestic political dissent and combat the influence of western culture - by banning high-speed internet links.

In a blow to the country's estimated 5 million internet users, service providers have been told to restrict online speeds to 128 kilobytes a second and been forbidden from offering fast broadband packages. The move by Iran's telecommunications regulator will make it more difficult to download foreign music, films and television programmes, which the authorities blame for undermining Islamic culture among the younger generation. It will also impede efforts by political opposition groups to organise by uploading information on to the net.When

When people can talk about taking an action it becomes a release all but precluding any real action. When you are prevented from even talking about political action the only course available is to actually take action.

By confiscating satellite dishes, throttling internet speeds and other such nuisances, the Iranian government is pissing off the most affluent citizens - the ones that actually have the power and influence to affect change.

Unless the Iranian government backs down we will see another Orange Revolution. Hopefully, the US will have the common sense to stay out of it.

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