Sunday, October 22, 2006

Taxing Away Socialism

I'm guessing that taxing things that everyone uses to support something that no one uses isn't a winning strategy.

Germany's 16 states agreed on Thursday to introduce from January 1 a licence fee of 5.52 euros (3.70 pounds) a month on computers and mobile phones that can access television and radio programmes via the Internet.

Any household or company that does not already have a licence will have to pay the new levy, which is the same as the one currently charged for radio access, state premiers agreed at a meeting in the town of Bad Pyrmont.

With the vast array of media services available through satellite, internet, cable and the rest, why are governments even broadcasting anymore?

The governments of Europe have essentially squeezed the business community dry, in order to sustain their social welfare system they will have to start taxing citizens even more - an effort that is likely to cause serious consequences for the elite.

Here's to hoping that they tax the socialism right out of Europe.

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