Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Can Admit When I'm Wrong

Shortly after Kos posted the inaugural "Libertarian Democrat" post over at Cato Unbound I said:

After the rebutal essays are published I'm putting even odds on Markos becoming completely unhinged which should, all things being equal, put an end to this Democratic Libertarian BS once and for all.

I was totally incorrect in my prediction, the ensuing conversation has been far more civil, both in formal responses and blog responses, than anything I would have ever imagined. You aren't seeing any of the name calling and snark that has accompanied previous topics. Nothing that convinces me that I should be checking the 'D' on my ballot come November, but very thoughtful responses all the same.

This particular topic has gone so well that I am considering adding Cato Unbound back to my blogroll.

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