Thursday, October 05, 2006

Politician Dance Party

One of the coolest things about capitalism and technology in general is that it bring you stuff that you didn't even know that you needed. Or stuff that you didn't even realize was possible.

Imagining eliminating lying politicians.

Imagine being able to check instantly whether or not statements made by politicians were correct. That is the sort of service Google Inc. boss Eric Schmidt believes the Internet will offer within five years.

Politicians have yet to appreciate the impact of the online world, which will also affect the outcome of elections, Schmidt said in an interview with the Financial Times published on Wednesday.

He predicted that "truth predictor" software would, within five years, "hold politicians to account." People would be able to use programs to check seemingly factual statements against historical data to see to see if they were correct.

Could this actually be possible? Would we be able to see at a glance the accuracy of a politician's speech? Services like and the like provide some of this, but it takes individual effort and desire to go that far.

I say hook up this service to a strobe light and pin it to every politician's lapel and through a dance party. Even with fact checking I doubt most politicians would be able to help themselves.

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