Sunday, October 22, 2006

Government Scares Me

This is why I trust business more than government:

The government is is funding the roll out of fingerprint security at the doors of pubs and clubs in major English cities.

Funding is being offered to councils that want to have their pubs keep a regional black list of known trouble makers. The fingerprint network installed in February by South Somerset District Council in Yeovil drinking holesy is being used as the show case.

If bars want to start fingerprinting patrons - more power to them - I can choose to go to a bar that doesn't fingerprint me. With govenment you have no choices.

While you are waiting for such shenanigans to cross the pond, enjoy a cold one and jump over to A Stitch In Haste where its an all beer weekend.

Update: Kip takes a break from beer and points out that he blogged about the fingerprinting in February.

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