Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Of The Same

Instead of tackling Harold Meyerson's Cato Unbound's Democrat Libertarian essay head on I'll just offer a couple snarking responses. Kip already got the meat of it and I think it would end up sounding a lot like my previous attempts and sound very much like what I wrote earlier today.

The very first words that Harold put down almost made me stop reading. "Markos Moulitsas has, as usual, made an important contribution to our political discourse with his essay on Democratic libertarianism."

Important?! It was barely readable and didn't even attempt to answer the major libertarian concerns about the left! Though, I have to admit to being presently suprised that someone admitted that the major parties are internally inconsistent.

Not suprisingly, Harold failed to address the primary point that every libertarian blog has made since Kos made his original overtures. Corporate power only exists because government has the power to create the rules that the marketplace runs by. He, instead, tries to tell us how bad corporations are and only government can protect us.

So I'll say it again. The power that business has only exists because government has granted it to them. Until someone on the left addresses this point kiss any support from libertarians goodbye.

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