Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Corporate Power

I've never really understood the leftist meme that claims corporations have too much power over individuals. Except in cases where there is a government enforced monopoly, you don't ever have to do business with a corporation. And in the cases where you have a legitimate gripe with a corporation there are plenty of avenues of recourse.

The statists always come back to the "people power" that citizens have over government as their trump card as why government is the better option. Well I have a little experiment that I would like you to try next time government seems like an appealing option.

Run to your local Wal-Mart or whatever evil capitalistic representative you would like to prove my point and buy something. Anything. Bring it home and set it on the counter and go about your day. The next day pick up that thing and bring it back to that evil corporation and tell them that you aren't happy with the item.

What do you think happens? The person asks for a receipt and gives you your money back with rarely a question asked.

Now run to your local school district, road commissioner, utility board or what have you. Try to tell someone that you are not happy with the product. What happens? Well, assuming that you actually can find any of these places and assuming that you find someone that will talk to you. Nothing. They don't care.

If you can go through this exercise and honestly tell me that government is more responsive to customer needs than corporations then I have found myself the worlds largest pathological liar.

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