Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TSA Has Head Up Ass

Recently an airport security guy confiscated my 4 ounce shampoo container because he said the maximum allowed is 3 ounces. I pointed to the airport’s own sign that says 4 ounces is allowed, but that didn’t seem like a good argument to him. It was too late to check my bags, so he confiscated my mostly empty 4 ounce container.

But here’s the interesting part. The container is semi-transparent, and contained obviously less than 1 ounce of liquid. Apparently the empty portion of the container posed a threat. Or to put it another way, as we humorists like to do, the airport confiscated my 3 ounces of nothing so that I couldn’t use that nothing to blow up the plane.When

When are passengers going to get so fed up with the lawlessness of the TSA and revolt? When security guards can't even take their own instructions about the non-threat of shampoo seriously, its time for a change. Revoke the TSA mandate to screen passengers and let airlines do their own thing.

The airlines have far greater insentive to make sure their airplanes don't blow up than the TSA does and it is long past time that we let them do it.

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